Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to make a list of the most common questions people were asking since we started working in this business. Check below if you can find your answer and if not - do not hesitate to reach out directly to our team.

Where is Your Company Located? What If I Live In a Different State?

Our offices are located in San Diego, CA but there is no need to worry about that. We cover all states in the US and have attorneys in each state. Why don’t you send us an email and we’ll see if we can help you in your specific case?

What is an Overage?

It is just one of the names for the leftover money that homeowners are entitled to after their properties go under foreclosure. An overage is created after a certain property is sold at an auction for more than what was owed to the bank/lender or the county.

Who Are You?

We are an organization that helps people recover unclaimed funds.

How Do I Know This is Not a Scam and You Won’t Take My Money?

Because we won’t take ANY money from you in advance. No one from our organization will ask for any form of payment. You will not give us your bank account or any cash upfront. We are only compensated if we manage to recover your funds.

How Can I Be Certain That You Won’t Take All the Funds?

We will sign an agreement where we describe everything, and of course you are free to check this with your attorney before signing it. In this agreement, we make sure to precisely cover everything (including what percentage of these funds go to us after we recover them for you).

Why Should I Hire You If I Can Do It All By Myself?

You can absolutely do everything by yourself. It is just easier for you not to spend your time and money researching where your funds are, contacting all the people you need to, paying for an attorney, paying all the fees for getting documents from the government entities, and preparing all the documentation, forms, and paperwork. There is a lot of time investment required to learn all the applicable laws and regulations, and we have done this all for you!

People hire us because we have the experience and knowledge in this industry and because there is no risk.

Still Have Questions?

If there is something else that you would like to know, that was not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions - please click on Contact in the Main Menu and you will find a way to reach out to us directly.